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We offer Services

Our Airconditioning and Refrigeration Services

Fridge Compresser Replacement

We offer reliable and guaranteed compressor replacement of reputable brands

Fridge regass

We do fault finding ,leak detection ,purging and flushing of domestic/comercial refrigeration systems

Airconditioning Installation

We supply ,design and install air-conditioning sysytems for your homes and commercial/business premises

Airconditioning Replacement

We service portable, domestic, and commercial air-conditioning systems with original parts that have a guarantee.

Commercial and Domestic Fridges

We ensure that there is no unnecessary noise, inadequate cooling also excessive frost freezing.

Thermostat Replacement

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Rest assured that your refrigeration and Airconditioning concerns are dealt with proffessionalism and quality customer service .we understand the concept of keeping food fresh and we would like to be your trusted fridge repair and Airconditioning, we also understand you deserve the best favorable enviroment .

Our Advantages
  • Same day services
  • Affordable rates
  • Repair Estimates
  • Guarantee Service
  • Trusted workmaship
  • Quality replacement